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Model Karaoke amplifier series
Product Detail

Parameter performance:  

The machine has a strong ability to resist the noise

The overall design is in accordance with the requirements for the use of karaoke rooms. The volume, tone and effect of this design are regulated in a hidden way to ensure reliable work..   Professional digital echo circuit, so that singing more natural.

The Rec output terminals are convenient for external power amplifier and recording equipment.

The protection function of this machine is improved to ensure long-term stability and reliability.

The front LCD has USB audio access, bluetooth audio access and FM radio with strong performance.   Three MIC connection entrances to the front panel, with reverberation effect and independent debugging of reverberation parts, depth and delay functions, karaoke effect can meet the needs of ordinary KVT.

Audio aux-a /B input switch and dual audio output of the back panel can be used simultaneously by external connection of two power amplifiers. Output of 8 ohms 4 sets of speaker terminals can be connected to 4 speakers at the same time.

Distortion rate: < 0.01%

Frequency response: 5Hz-50KHz±3dB

SNR: -103dB

Audio input sensitivity: 0.70/50kΩ

Video input sensitivity: 1Vp - p /75Ω

Auxiliary audio output: 0.70 V / 50 kΩ